Zone System Design

Benefits of Zone Control

Zoning is an economical way of improving your temperature control. Typically, there is one thermostat for each air handler. If the HVAC system is serving several spaces, there is a good chance that all the spaces will not all have the same heating/cooling needs. This almost always leads to over cooling some spaces while under cooling other spaces. The solution is a zone system.


Utilizing a zone system brings many benefits:

          • More accurate temperature control
          • Faster heating and cooling rates
          • More efficient operation for the HVAC equipment
          • Reduce the need for multiple units
          • Reduce the the run time of units and total energy consumed


Bottom Line: Zoning creates better comfort more efficiently; for Your Home or Commercial Building.


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A Zone System Just Makes Sense

A zone system is no longer strictly a commercial feature.


Employing a zone system in your house can save you money while making you more comfortable.


A zone system is much cheaper than installing an additional unit; or two. Equipment runs more efficiently, and you have less equipment to run.


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