Wind Load Calculations

Wind load calculations are becoming required on more and more applications down here in South Florida. With the obvious threat and concern of hurricanes or just high wind velocity for that matter, if you are installing equipment on a roof, you will be required to present a wind load calculation.


Wind Load calculations are required when:

          • Installing rooftop units
          • Installing rooftop exhaust fans
          • Installing rooftop condensing sections
          • Creating an Architectural Feature that surrounds the equipment


The wind load report that we will produce will keep your project moving by helping you receive your permit without any issues. You can feel confident that you will be providing sufficient strapping or securement of the equipment for a strong wind event.



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Don't "Blow Off" your wind load calculations

There are codes that make some of us scratch our heads on the true value the requirement is actually bringing. However it is truly in your best interest to have a wind load calculation conducted .


You want to protect your investment from being carried off in severe wind storms; something we get plenty of here in South Florida.


Conducting a wind load ensures that your equipment is fastened securely and that it can withstand the wind forces that are experienced here in South Florida.