Plumbing Design

Providing Quality Plumbing Design Services

Todaro Engineering can offer you quality plumbing design for your house or small commercial building. There are several system types that fall under the general category of Plumbing. Here is a list of various system designs and drafting that we can offer:


Plumbing Design Services Offered

          • Sanitary and Storm Piping sizing, layouts, and riser diagrams
          • Vent Piping sizing, layouts, and riser diagrams
          • Potable Water Piping sizing and layout
          • Mechanical Water Piping sizing and layout
          • Natural Gas Piping sizing and layout
          • Roof Drain Sizing
          • Water Heater Sizing and Selection
          • Plumbing fixture selections
          • General and Specific Equipment and Installation Details
          • General Plumbing Layouts
          • Equipment Schedules


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There is more to a Quality Plumbing Design than you might think

There are a lot of details that go into a quality plumbing design; details that always make a difference.


It is extremely important sizing the water system correctly to ensure that there is proper water pressure coming out of the shower head or that 3 toilets can be flushed at the same time.


Having the correct plumbing fixtures (toilets, lavatories, faucet handles, and floor drains) always make a difference. Not only do you expect them to work correctly, but they need to look good when the project has been completed.


We go the extra mile to coordinate all the fixture to ensure you have the look that you desire.