Heating and Cooling Load Calculations

Todaro Engineering provides detailed heating and cooling load calculations. The times of 400 CFM/Ton; 400 Sq ft/Ton are gone. Most local codes require load calculations to be conducted for new construction, renovations and even equipment replacement.


Benefits of Heating/Cooling Load Calculations

            • Accurate Equipment Sizing
            • Dramatically Reduce Your Electrical Bill
            • Proper Air flow
            • Improved IAQ
            • Meets Code Requirements for Design Work
            • Simplifies Zone Design

We use one of the most sophisticated software available in order to computate accurate space by space heat gain/loss calculations. Our analysis will simulate every day and every hour of the year in your specific geographical location to calculate the largest heating and cooling load. The results of this report will accurately show the size of equipment needed. This precise method ensures that your equipment is not undersized, and just as importantly, not oversized either.


Every detail of the space or building is taken into consideration. The orientation, the building construction materials, glazing data, plug loads, task lighting, and all other features that impact the heating and cooling loads.


It is this level of detail that enables us to cater to your design ideas. We can offer several simulations showing various scenarios from:

            • Using tint on the windows
            • Installing daylighting controls
            • The impact of having motion and daylight sensors used on your lighting system as opposed to running your lighting all hours of operation when you really don't need it.
            • The impact of adding window overhangs. Adding external shading devices can have a significant impact on your electrical bill.

It is these types of examples that Todaro Engineering can offer that ensure that you or your clients are well informed of their available options and what the overall impact of their energy consumption will be.


Providing the customers more information for informed decisions give them confidence in the system design that is being suggested. Whether you are a homeowner or an HVAC contractor, we feel that it is important that you are well informed of the available options and which is the right one to go with.


Producing these reports allow you to have an idea of what equipment will be needed to meet your HVAC needs before any purchases are made.


A Load calculation report is a great asset.

A load calculation report allows you maximize efficiency and comfort. There is a delicate balance between comfort and efficiency; the ability to simulate various scenarios allows that sweet spot to be found with load calculations reports..


Click here for an example of a load calculation report..