Equipment Selections

Depending on the scope of your project, there could potentially be several types of equipment that are requited to meet your HVAC needs. Being familiar with numerous types of equipment and their applications are imperative; if you are not, you may end up with equipment that doesn't do what you need it to.


Equipment Types Todaro Engineering Specifies

            • Commercial and Residential
            • Air-to-Air Split Systems
            • Air Cooled Chillers
            • Split Systems: Air-to-Air & Water-to-Air
            • Water Cooled Systems; Chillers & Cooling Towers
            • Water Source Heat Pumps
            • Exhaust Fans
            • Water Heaters
            • Plumbing Fixtures
            • Circulating Pumps

With our Engineering experience along with our state of the art load calculations software, you can be assured that you will have the correct equipment specified for your specific job and application.


Todaro Engineering will provide you with quality equipment selection for your next job. Call or e-mail us and let's discuss how we can specify a quality HVAC system while optimizing efficiency for you or your customer.

Selecting the right equipment cannot be underestimated.

Many factors come into play when selecting the correct equipment. Not only is the application important to the type of equipment, but the equipment selections will also be dictated by the type of controls that will operate the sequence of operations for the equipment.


The combination of our load calculations and quality construction drawings, you will have all the documentation for permitting and peace of mind that you will have exactly what you need to bring optimal comfort to your house or commercial building.