HVAC Duct Design

Providing Quality Mechanical Engineering Services

Todaro Engineering offers quality duct design for new construction and remodels for residential or commercial applications. Properly sizing duct work for new installations is extremely vital; the duct work are the veins and arteries of your HVAC system. If the duct design is not properly sized, critical spaces in your building may not receive the needed air flow and/or may be quite noisy and obtrusive.


Types of Duct Design Services Offered

          • Duct design for central heating/cooling systems
          • Exhaust Systems
          • Zone system design
          • Metal or Flex duct design

The duct design also plays a vital role in indoor air quality (IAQ) for your building or home. Proper air flow and velocity must be taken into consideration when designing the duct work. Air movement and ventilation affect the quality of the air that your family is breathing; you want to ensure that the air is not allowed to become stagnant and stale. Proper air movement ensures that mold is not allowed to grow and that smells and contaminated air is exhausted or properly filtered


It is not enough to provide an efficient air conditioning equipment. In order to capitalize on the equipment efficiency, the air must be properly delivered to the space to maintain proper dehumidification and cooling/heating effectiveness. Proper duct design will ensure that the air is delivered to the space efficiently so that the cooling or heating effect will be at its peak.


Proper duct design also ensures proper air velocity. This is a factor that is easy to overlook by novice duct designers. Air velocity plays a major roll in effectively heating or cooling your building or house. Undersizing the duct work may cause adverse affects on your HVAC system as well. High velocity air can be a significant source of noise as well as causing high static pressure within the ductwork. This high duct pressure will increase the energy consumption of the fan motor as well as reduce the intended air to be delivered to the space.


Strategic placement of the air outlets along with proper air velocity also play a role in ensuring that thermal dead spots are not created. These areas can create hot pockets of hot or cold air when outlets are not ideally placed or the exiting air velocity is not correct.


Along with a quality designed duct system, Todaro Engineering will provide you with quality construction documents for your permitting process. You will be very pleased with the personal approach and care taken to ensure that you get exactly what you want out of your HVAC system. We take pride in making customer service our #1 priority.


There are many options we can offer with your new duct design. Please browse our web site to view all the available services. Regardless of the services you request or size of the project, you can be assured that you will receive the same unsurpassed quality of work and your satisfaction is of the utmost of importance. The job is not done until your project is complete.

A good duct design is more important than you may think.

After paying top dollar for your new super-efficient HVAC system, you may find that all your spaces are not being properly cooled.


If your duct system is not designed correctly, all the advantages of your new HVAC equipment will not be harnessed. A good duct system design is as important as the selection of your equipment.