Todaro Engineering Drafting Services

Providing Quality Mechanical Drafting Services

Quality drawings make a difference in a job. When you can offer detailed drawings and construction documents, the client is well aware of the design being proposed and the reviewing process when submitted for permit is expedited. It helps you look professional and oversights are reduced. With great documentation, mistakes due to miss-communication and inevitable change orders are reduced; that is what we can offer you. This is what will make the client happy.


Regardless if you use us for load calculations or duct design, and just need some assistance in producing quality CAD drawings, we are here to serve you.


CAD Services Offered

          • Duct Design Layouts (your design or ours, it doesn't matter)
          • General and Specific notes and instructions for construction documents
          • Equipment Schedules
          • General and Specific Equipment and Installation Details
          • Plumbing Layouts
          • Water, Storm, Sanitary Piping Schematics
          • Chilled Water systems including equipment connections


Call or e-mail Todaro Engineering today to discuss how we can offer CAD services or help with selling your job with quality CAD drawings.


Quality Drawings Make a Difference

The job just goes smoother when you have drawings that show in great detail how your system is to be designed, installed, and phased in and out.


Clear communication is always the best way to do business. Clear and detailed drawings ensure that everyone is on the same page and minimize the number of surprises that come up.